EV home charging installation service in Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted

All connected is a huge supporter of renewable energy, and are certified to install pod point electrical vehicle charging points within the home.

The sale of electrical vehicles in the UK is steadily increasing, and the government’s incentive to stop the sale of new fossil fuel cars in 2030 is the main driver for this. The installation of an outside electrical point is required to charge your car.

The Electrical Vehicles power sockets have improved and the times of charging range from 12 hours to a rapid charger of 20-30 mins. The EV socket is usually located on the outside of the building and installed discreetly as possible. There are a couple of items to check on the existing wiring before the EV socket can be installed. However most homes Will have these in place.

All connected is a huge supporter of renewable energy and we are part of the government 0ZEV scheme claim your government grant today with us.

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